Know about our Terms of Service

Network Hosting Group prohibits the storage of pornography written permission must be taken before any pornographic material is stored.

Copyright media, destructive applications and hacking are prohibited on any portion of our service.

Any incident of server abuse can be the reason of account temination. Proxy websites are also prohibited.

If any process deems using resource usage excessive then Network Hosting Group has right to complete termination of your service.

Network Hosting Group will not bear any misuse of space, the space allocated is for website only. It can't be used for storing files. Using bandwidth for other websites by hot linking is not allowed.

If you place a order. your order will be complete with in 3 days. Before 3 days you can't cancel your order.

We recommend our customer to use POP3 to download emails to their own PC storing email in webmail is not allowed we don't recommend hosting of adult sites on our server.

Network Hosting Group prohibits its services to be resold without charge.

You are not authorized to copy distribute or copy any part or in any medium of our services or site content .

You will not re-sell or provide the services for any commercial purpose, including any of Network Hosting Group related technologies.

You agree to backup all of your users content so that you can access and use it when needed.

You will not use this site or the server in a manner that:
  Contains false language, comparative claims or deceptive language regarding Network Hosting Group's services.
  Contains or installs viruses, Trojan horses ,bugs, files designed to or capable of damaging the function of software or hardware.
  Encourage or engages in any spam or computer or network hacking.
  Encourages or engages in terrorism, violence against people, animals or property.

You are not allowed to copy or distribute any part of this site.

Network Hosting Group reserves the right to suspend, cancel, terminate, lock any account or service for any reason ( as determined by Network Hosting Group in its absolute discretion)

Network Hosting Group has the right to decide whether any item of user content t is appropriate or not .

Network Hosting Group may terminate a user's access to this site or the services found at this site if Network Hosting Group has reason to believe the user is a repeat offender.

As per our terms of servies we can change/update our term of services without notify to you and new conditions also apply to all exist customers also.

IF you cancel your order/service we do not refund any amount. Because, there is no refund policy. If there is any service issue and we are not able to resolve / respond you in that case we refund only 50% payment but gateway/transaction charges paid by you. If we give response you but delay from your side in that case there is no re-fund Policy.