Know about our Privacy Policy

We want our client aware of our private policy. we collect and use all the information through our website to operate the site of our client . And all the information are used to update,modify, the site of client and also to send them periodic information about any change in our policy. client can login to their member ip and can operate the site. all the information of our client are kept secret. our client can contact us any time for any query .

Collection of information and its uses.
Our site and application of mobile have forms which are used to collect the necessary information from our client so they can fully utilize our services by providing the desire information. By creating their login ID our client can suggest us and can update their information any time. For easy access and record we request you to give your personal information including name, address, contact number, etc. for certain services we may request credit card number. we use all the information to update you with the current services. we use cookies to improve the quality of our services and by this you don't need to login each time if you use remember me option. Cookies are directly linked to your customer / client ID . we also use all these information to ensure the technical functioning of our network. and make a record of all the information to make our services easy and fast.

This site has appropriate security necessary to save the data by unauthorized users. All the information are keep under control and there is no policy to transfer the data to any person with the consent of authorized user.

Sending Emails
We use email to make a record of all the services and transactions dealing between us. we also provide email links to save the time and make the communication system fast.

Security regarding third party service providers
To provide you various services and operate various transactions we have to share the necessary information to third party such as shipping of goods and services, credit/debit card payment , customer care services, advertisement , survey, etc. These companies can't share the information to any other person and can't retain or store information for any other use. we have also a separate channel which store the data that what information of which client has been shared and we can take action for any miss use or fraud.

Google Analytics
Google analytics is a separate tools use to collect information such as who visit the site, how often user visits the site, what pages they visit and timing and also the other sites they visit before coming this site. Google analytics us only the IP address and data you visit. It also provide permanent cookie on your web browser and information generated by cookie will be transmitted to Google or servers in the United States. All the information used and share by Google Analytics about your visits to the site is totally restricted by the Google Privacy Policy and the website builders incorporate the Google Places API and it's also governed by the Google privacy policy.

Contest/ Surveys and Supplementation of information
We may also provide you a chance to participate in any contest or survey organized by us. And it is up to you that you want to participate of not and also you have a choice whether or not to disclose the request information. To provide you certain services we may supplement your personal information with information from third party sources such as service providers, United States Postal service, Information from our strategic partners. We do this to improve the services and to offer more opportunity to you. To invite friends if you want to tell your friends about our site then we can also send emails to all your friends by inviting them to visit our site. And they can also request us for the removal of information from our data base at any time

Termination of account
If you want to terminate you account from our site then we can de-activate all you information from our data base. De-activation doesn't mean your information has been deleted. We can retain your information for any future preference and to comply with legal obligation.

Updating of Information
Any time you can request us to alter, update, or de-activate your account by send use email or by request from your client area to do the same. We will respond you as early as possible.

Transfer of Data out of country
We can transfer the data/information across international boundaries with your consent if you want to visit the site in other courtiers than the country where our servers are located.

Compliance with Laws and Law enforcement
To comply with the Law we can disclose your information to government of Law enforcement officials to protect our property and rights. We are legally permitted to do this and also the reasonability of users to cooperate with the legal process in case of any future preference.

Change in our Private Policy
If in future we fill necessary to make change in our private policy then we will inform the users about all the changes before the implementation of these changes.