Lighting Fast Web Hosting for Your Business

Starts @ 4.92* /mo


Affordable shared web hosting services

Create, host, and manage your website at an economical price with the best-shared web hosting services. Our shared web hosting is loaded with multiple features, making it extremely simple and fast to manage.

Some of these features include ionCube Loader, custom error pages, SSL security, PHPMyAdmin, Apache, directory protection, and dedicated IP, to name a few.
When you buy shared hosting, you also get mail services with a mailing list and email forwarding functionalities. You can access our email platform on the operating system of your choice: iOS, Android, Blackberry, etc. To access your emails, you get multiple options in the webmail interface, like SquirrelMail and RoundCube.

The right combo of around-the-clock support, advanced security, and high speed makes it the best-shared hosting. Already hosting a website somewhere? Choose us for a seamless migration.


4.92 /mo
Save 25%     6.56
  • Disk - 5GB
  • Bandwidth - 100 GB
  • Domains - 1
  • Database - 1
  • FTP - 5
  • Free Emails - 5


8.75 /mo
Save 25%     11.67
  • Disk - 15 GB
  • Bandwidth - Unmetered
  • Domains - 1
  • Database - 5
  • FTP - 5
  • Email - 15


13.75 /mo
Save 25%     18.33
  • Disk - 30 GB
  • Bandwidth - Unmetered
  • Domains - 10
  • Database - 20
  • FTP - 15
  • Email - 30


21.92 /mo
Save 25%     29.23
  • Disk - 50 GB
  • Bandwidth - Unmetered
  • Domains - 20
  • Database - 30
  • FTP - 25
  • Email - 50

One Click Installation from Control Panel
You can install more than 100 application in just one click from their control panel with automated setup process.

Install Wordpress, Joomla, Cakephp and many more application in just one click

Easy setup with a powerful Control Panel

Install over 100+ applications on your site with just a click from the control panel. The automated setup process makes the process extremely simple.

Experience the NHGroup Difference

Get access to best-in-class features from NHGroup that ensure your website goes live and runs smoothly.

Robust Control Panel

Manage and configure your site’s email accounts, disk, and databases. The Web Application Installer is also available.

No downtime

Get shared hosting with 99.9% uptime with no worries of power failure or network interruption.

Support Solutions

Get support solutions for DNS, database server, mail system, Web OS patches, and core support.


Empower your website with a private SSL and a dedicated IP

Cutting-edge specifications

Dual 2.40GHZ Xeon processor with 24 GB RAM, connected with 16+ fiber optic service providers.

Around-the-clock support

Our technical support team is available 24/7 via mail and chat to resolve your issues and queries around Linux shared hosting.

Advantages of shared hosting:

Affordable Solution

It’s the most economical option in the world of hosting. We offer multiple shared hosting plans that are easy on your pocket.

No technical knowledge needed

The service providers take care of everything from the backend. You can focus on your website without worrying about the technical stuff.

Host multiple domains

If you have multiple domains, you can manage them all under a single web hosting account. This is a beneficial feature if you already have or plan to have multiple websites in the future.

It is secure

The hosting solutions come with firewalls and regular security updates to avoid attacks on your website. You can further secure your site with SSL security.
Due to all these reasons, shared web hosting is a preferred choice for many new and growing businesses.
Connect with our web hosting experts for more information or technical queries about our shared hosting plans.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about shared web hosting

This type of hosting allows you to host your site through a Windows operating system.

It’s a hosting type that works by sharing resources and server space. Multiple users/websites on a single server share disk space, storage, and bandwidth.

This solution is the perfect platform for those with modest website requirements. If you’re starting a small online website, a personal blog, a services website, or a portfolio website – this should be your preferred choice.

Consider the following factors to choosing a shared hosting plan:
● The traffic on your site
● The number of websites you want to host
● The number of email accounts your business requires
● Storage, disk space, and bandwidth needs of your site
You can always get the advice of our experts to make the right decision.

Yes, you can! If your website starts getting more traffic or if you need cutting-edge features, you can switch to a more powerful plan./p>

Yes, we take backups of your website every 5 days. Your data remains safe with us, but we always recommend you take a backup from your control panel.

Yes, a shared hosting solution is SEO-friendly. Your website loads fast enough, meaning the expectations of your users and search engines will be met. Of course, you need to apply additional SEO techniques to rank higher on Google or Bing.